The Commission is holding hearings to gather information about matters relevant to its terms of reference (PDF, 191.1 KB). The focus of the hearings will be on examining and evaluating systemic issues, laws, policies, practices and procedures. The Commission will also be informed by individual cases, where appropriate.

Hearings are formal proceedings where witnesses give evidence under oath or affirmation.

Generally, the hearings will be open to the public and the media to attend. Hearings will also be recorded and steamed live on the Commission’s website.

For some witnesses, the Commission may make an order prohibiting or restricting the public reporting of certain information or may conduct a hearing in private.

Opening hearing – 26 October 2021

An opening hearing was held at the Tasmanian Civil and Administrative Tribunal, Hobart, on Tuesday 26 October 2021.

The transcript from the opening hearing can be found here Transcript of 26 October 2021 (PDF, 160.7 KB).

Hearings schedule

After careful consideration, the Commission will recommence its hearings in May 2022. Hearings will be held in Hobart and Launceston.

Please see Media Release dated 17 December 2021 for more information -  Commission-of-Inquiry-Media-Release-Looking-ahead-to-2022-17-December-2021.pdf (commissionofinquiry.tas.gov.au).


The Commission will determine who is to be called as a witness at its hearings and the order in which witnesses are called and examined.

Witnesses required to appear before the Commission will be issued with a notice to attend and give evidence on a particular date.

Leave to appear

Applications for leave to appear are only required where a person or organisation seeks to appear at the hearings.

Leave to appear is the term used when the Commission grants permission to a person or organisation to participate in its hearings by allowing that person or organisation to ask questions of witnesses and make arguments or submissions to the Commissioners. People who are witnesses at the hearings do not need leave to appear.

Further information about leave to appear, and the application form to apply, can be found in Practice Direction No. 2 – Leave to Appear (PDF, 337.1 KB).

Updated: 17th December 2021

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